10 Branded Dresses & Accessories to Up the Fashion Status Quo

Are you one of those who wants to buy branded dresses, accessories, or shoes? You want to emulate your style icons but are you unsure whether you should spend that much money on a scarf or a dress when you can get two to three more items in that amount? Let’s break down why you should invest in buying branded dresses and accessories once in a while. When you want to buy a luxury clothing brand’s item, you need to take the thought off that you are paying for the label. They are much more than just the name. Branded items use high-quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and hard to get shopping experience. You won’t be getting a glass of champagne when you shop at a local store, but you can enjoy one at the Louis Vuitton shop. But we know going to a high-end store to buy an item is not always possible. However, it does not mean you cannot dress and accessories from famous clothing brands like your style icons. We have the perfect solution for you. Here are ten luxury brands from which you can buy the trendiest and most sought-after garments for men and women online.

  1. Alpha studio

Here is a brand that merges contemporary style with elegance. The Alpha Studio boasts of being inspired by the universal culture and art to launch their dresses and clothing, and you can get just the perfect item that exudes their brand essence with this knitted sweater at $92.03.

  1. Billionaire Italian Couture

If you are unapologetic about who you are and showcase your unique style, get an item from the best clothing brands for men, the Billionaire Italian Couture. They present the extravagance and richness of mature men. You buy one of their signature polo-neck full-sleeve t-shirt for $233.15.

  1. Cerruti 1881

Want to jazz up your winter wardrobe with color, fashion, and high-end brands? Buy this Yellow Jacket and Coat for just $248.49 from Cerruti 1881. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can buy a range of fashionwear from this brand that suits your style around the year.

  1. Costume National

A genuine leather black belt is never out of style, so investing $106.58 on a Costume National belt is a good choice. Apart from a slick belt, you can also get a range of eccentric belts, hats, gloves, jeans, and ladies’ dresses from a fashion-forward brand.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana

One of the famous clothing brands is Dolce & Gabbana, popular known as D&G. It is a brand that captures the hearts of fashion icons and celebrities who want to put forward the sartorial essence of traditional Italy. Having a D&G in the wardrobe is always something to be proud of, so why not buy the traditional polka-dotted dress for $758.26?

  1. Miu Miu

Irrespective of your dress, a pair of branded sunglasses will always add elegance to your attire. Buy the typical Miu Miu black sunglasses for women at $410.24 only and beat the sun in style while turning heads.

  1. Furla

Keeping this Furla $153.21 handbag can be a game changer for any dress. It will not only add to the oomph, but also, the easy-to-carry purse is a must-have. Furla, well known for its uniquely designed handbags, is a must-have for any fashion-conscious woman.

  1. Ralph Lauren

One of the iconic brands in the market is Ralph Lauren. While it is mostly associated with men’s polo t-shirts, they also make a range of women’s clothes. You can get a Straight Shift skirt for women at an enviable price of $46.02 only.

  1. Versace Jeans

One of the famous brands in the market is Versace, and since they launch jeans pants, they have become an item for all fashionable and stylish men. The low-raise black jeans can be bought for just $228.39, and you can display the branded item in style at the next outing.

  1. Swarovski

Want to add a little bit of branded bling to your regular glasses? Here is a Swarovski optical frame with Swarovski crystals on the side at just $143.13. Let the world see you are a high-achiever and an established individual to your peers.

Reward Yourself for All the Work

Once in a while, it is good to reward ourselves with something that we cherish or long for. After a year-long hard work, it is time to feel good about yourself when you open the wardrobe or bag, and you can easily feel the satisfaction when you purchase a high-end superbrand item. It’s time you open a Furla bag while wearing Miu Miu or Swarvoski glasses and be the proud owner of other luxury brand items.

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