How Do You Wash Your Shoes without Damaging Them?

Everyone loves to wear shoes, but it is essential to take care of them if you want them to last long. If you’re going to wash them by putting them in the washing machine, you need to ensure that the manufacturer recommends putting your shoes on. Some shoe companies such as Nike and Adidas do not recommend it.

The Adidas Clay Yeezy 350 Boost 350 V2 is one of the best collaborations between Adidas and Kayne West, and it has reddish-orange hues on its Primeknit upper and has a semi-transparent effect on its soles. This guide will help you to wash your shoes without damaging them. 

Washing Your Shoes without Damaging Them

To prevent your shoes from getting damaged while washing them, you need to follow the given steps:

  • You can start by removing the laces; after this, remove the dirt, stones, and other things stuck to the soles with a soft brush and then a damp cloth. You need to do this because even a tiny pebble can damage your washing machine. 

It is said that the cleaner the shoes are when they go in, the cleaner they will be when they come out. You must get rid of as much dirt as possible to prevent any dirt or other particles from further inside the fabric and make the washing water dirty.  

  • After this, you can load up your washing machine with towels/jeans or put your sneakers like the Adidas clay Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in a shoe bag that you can take inside the machine. 

When you do this, the impact of the shoes can be reduced on the washing machine drum. You can choose a delicate cycle and a slow spin speed to minimize the damage. If you cannot find a shoe bag, a cloth bag with a tie top can do instead. 

If you do not have a shoe bag, you can leave the laces in the shoes and trap them in the door as you shut it. This can also prevent your shoes from bashing against the drum of the washing machine when it spins. 

  • If you want to play safe, after removing the surface dirt in the shoe, you can mix the washing detergent in warm water. After this, you can use a toothbrush to brush your shoes gently; you need to start on the insides before moving to the soles. 

You can also refresh the water and detergent mix and combat the upper parts of the shoes. With the help of an e-cloth, you can also wipe off the excess dirt that has been accumulated in your shoes. 

Final Words 

If you want to buy sneakers such as the Adidas clay Yeezy Boost 350 V2, you must purchase them from a reputable store. The guide above can help you clean your sneakers without damaging their fabric; you can contact Hype Your Beast. We are one of the best online shoe stores. 

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