Rolex Submariner: Become An Icon And An Inspiration

In 1973’s Live and Let Die, James Bond and the psychic/paramour Solitaire are left to die in classic extravagant-movie-villain fashion. Kananga, the antagonist, connects Bond with Solitaire using ropes and then lowers them into a pool of sharks. Our hero is defeated until he turns on his wristwatch. A Rolex Submariner is a watch that saves lives.

Although it marked the first occasion that the submarine was called into action, The watch had been in place since the beginning of the Bond franchise. Sean Connery wore one in 1962’s Dr No, the first Bond film. He was also wearing the Sub for the movie The Man From Russia with Love Goldfinger and Thunderball. It’s only natural that the most elegant man of all time would sport the Submariner, as the Rolex Submariner is among the most recognizable pieces in watchmaking history.

Submariner was released by Rolex in 1954. Submariner was the first watch to be able to dive to 100m below the surface. Rene-Paul Jeanerret, Rolex’s chief executive, was an amateur diver who was also a close friend of Jacques Cousteau, the legendary underwater explorer. Jeanerette brought Hans Wilsdorf to Rolex. It was time for a watch that was specifically designed for divers.

The Submariner did what it was designed to do. It’s made to dive to the bottom of the ocean (or at least 330 feet) and is waterproof. The bezel rotates to let the diver know how long they’ve been submerged. A sign that Rolex is correct, the overall design of the Submariner has been the main inspiration for every dive watch that has come out of it.

If there’s a downside to this famous model, it’s too well-known–or was at a minimum. The Submariner, on the other, however, was made more often. But, today, Rolex is fussing with the dials and is reducing their availability for its famous watch. “Rolex defines luxury, and nothing drives demand better for a luxury brand than product scarcity,” Altieri states. Despite the strange forces in the market, it isn’t easy for a watch to get famous because of manipulating the production levers—the Rolex Submariner. Submariner is a revolutionary timepiece that has been tested and proven to work for James Bond and real-life divers alike. 

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