The most commonly removed tattoos

Tattoo removal is a growing industry, fed by changing trends and the ease with which people from all walks of life can now ensure that a tattoo they selected in their youth, while drunk, or in a different life circumstance, can now be effectively and safely removed.

The rise in the technology and skillset of tattoo removal experts means that the service is more accessible and popular than ever, with our tattoo removal London team well versed in eradicating everything from face freckles to expansive visuals covering someone’s back or chest.

With that said, what are the most commonly removed tattoos of the moment, and are any harder to remove than others?

The tattoos we receive the most enquiries to remove

When it comes to tattoos, there are certain trends which come and go and which, when blended in with those that are administered while drunk, before and after significant events, and while young and naïve to the long term impact of such a decision, make up a growing list of the most requested tattoo removals we receive.

The first is writing and quotes, with clients often coming to us with a request a remove a literary quote, song lyrics, or even a name that they once thought they wanted on their body forever and have now changed their mind about. The most common placements for these sorts of tattoos are on the forearm, the back of the leg, and somewhere on the upper body – with single words and names in particular often located on the forearm.

Following that, we receive a lot of requests for dates, for hearts and initials, and for flowers – with roses ranked as one of the most highly requested in terms of removal.

Finally, there has been a sharp uptake in recent years in requests to remove tribal patterns and symbols. Once highly on-trend, these tattoos are now outdated and perceived as meaningless or even offensive in terms of culture appropriation – with clients most likely to request those tattoos which are on view on an everyday basis.

Are some tattoos harder to remove than others?

Our tattoo removal service uses a laser for optimum precision – meaning that by far the most difficult and time consuming tattoos to remove are quotes and line drawings which are intricately detailed in terms of their design and creation, and which require a steady hand to ensure a clean removal.

We pride ourselves on using only the best equipment to ensure that we can offer our clients a safe procedure which is both as efficient and effective as possible. By continuing to invest in the Cynosure Picosure laser, we can offer the same results after one treatment as you would expect from multiple rounds with a less potent laser – thus making our services more affordable by giving you results faster and in fewer appointments.

Do you have a tattoo you want to remove?

If you’ve got a drunken mistake or outdated trend that you want our help removing, the tattoo removal experts are here to help. Simply reach out to us directly, or visit our website to find out more about our service and how we can help.

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